S.O.S - Strategic Organizing Sessions 


Book a session of personalized advice for your home or for your life!  In-person or virtual option available. 

Gain inspiration, guidance, direction and motivation to get you moving towards an organized life.


Strategic Organizing Session (1-2 hours)                                                                                                              $150
Strategic Organizing Session Package - 5 visits (each visit 1-2 hours) $500
Strategic Organizing Session Package - 10 visits (each visit 1-2 hours) $750



Organize, Pack or Unpack by Room


Bathroom & Linen Closet                                                                        $200
Bedrooms $200
Clothing & Closet $200
Kitchen $250
Master Bedroom $250
Home Office $300
Garage $500
Basement $750


**3 day maximum for basement projects, 2 day maximum for garage projects, 1 day maximum for all other spaces**

(Discounted hourly rate or option to repeat the package for additional time needed)


Monthly Momentum


Stay on track with a monthly visit!


4-5 hour visit.                                                                                       $250


Hourly Fee $65


Prefer to pay by the hour?  Have a quick job?  This option is for you!

*$10 Fuel fee for visits outside Milton*


Group Seminars


*Custom pricing, please contact*